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Welcome to Intelligent Ownership Collective - where your unclaimed royalties find their way back to you, and the complexities of the music business are managed seamlessly on your behalf.

In the vast expanse of the global music scene, your creations travel far and wide, touching hearts and moving souls across continents. But with this global reach comes a challenge – royalties that remain uncollected, earnings you're unaware you're missing out on.

At Intelligent Ownership Collective (IOC), we understand that as an artist, your primary focus is on creating and sharing your music with the world. The complexities of the music business, especially when it comes to collecting publishing royalties globally, can be daunting, time-consuming, and detract from your creative process. That's where we step in. Our mission is simple: to ensure you receive every penny you're entitled to, by delegating the more hassling part of the process to us.

The Challenge:

Imagine your royalties scattered across the globe. Now, consider the reality: these earnings are often ensnared in the web of international rights management, lost in translation, or buried under bureaucratic hurdles. The result? Your rightful earnings remain unclaimed. This is where many artists find themselves, navigating a maze without a map.

The Solution:

Intelligent Ownership Collective offers you that map. Here, we believe that managing the business side of your music shouldn't detract from your creative process. With us, the only paperwork you'll need to worry about is your next set of lyrics. We specialize in turning the 'boring business-side paperwork and administration' into a streamlined, effortless process – because this is our expertise, our passion, and where our business acumen meets your creative genius.

Our Services

  • Global Publishing Royalty Collection: We specialize in the collection of both performance and mechanical royalties worldwide. No more worrying about unclaimed earnings across different territories.
  • Catalog Management & Registration: Let us handle the detailed work of managing your catalog and registering your works with performing rights organizations globally. We've got the specialized knowledge and relationships to make it smooth and efficient.
  • Transparent & Straightforward: Our only fee is an 8% administration and operations charge. No hidden costs, just straightforward service dedicated to maximizing your earnings.

Transparent Fee Structure

At Intelligent Ownership Collective, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Our commitment to supporting artists, musicians, and labels comes with a straightforward approach to fees. Here's what makes our financial model beneficial for you:

  • No Overhead Costs: Unlike traditional music business arrangements that may involve upfront costs, monthly charges, or hidden fees, we operate on a simple principle. Our support is provided without any overhead costs to you.
  • 8% Administration Fee: We charge a flat 8% fee on the royalties we collect on your behalf. This fee covers all aspects of administration and operations, ensuring you receive comprehensive support without worrying about the fine print.
  • Pay for Performance: Our fee is directly tied to our performance in collecting your royalties. This means we are as invested in maximizing your earnings as you are. If we don't collect, you don't pay.
  • Straightforward and Simple: Our aim is to demystify the financial aspects of the music business. With our model, you'll always know exactly what the deal is—no surprises, just your earnings made clear and accessible.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Immediate Benefits: The longer you wait, the more royalties slip through the cracks. Partnering with us means capturing those elusive earnings sooner than later. Every minute counts.
  • Global Expertise: Our finger is on the pulse of global music rights management. We navigate these waters daily, ensuring not a single cent that belongs to you goes uncollected. Leverage our knowledge and established relations with music societies worldwide and let our business skills work for you.
  • 100% Rights Retention: Our partnership model emphasizes your autonomy. You retain full control and ownership of your music. We're here to amplify your earnings, not claim your creations.
  • Focus on What Matters: By handling the "boring busy work" of the music business, we free you up to concentrate on what you do best: creating and performing your music.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: We understand the uniqueness of each artist's journey. Our approach is customized, focusing on where your music travels and ensuring royalties from every corner of the globe find their way to you.
  • Passion Meets Business: For us, music is more than a business; it's a shared passion. We advocate for artists because we respect what you do and want to see you thrive.

Flexible Partnership

We pride ourselves on understanding the value of your creative control. Our flexible approach ensures that you can focus on the exciting aspects of your music career, with the peace of mind that your global publishing royalties are being expertly managed.

Who We Serve: Is Intelligent Ownership Collective Right for You?

At Intelligent Ownership Collective, we are dedicated to empowering artists, musicians, songwriters, composers, creators and labels with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the complex landscape of global publishing royalties. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of those who are deeply invested in maximizing their creative earnings and maintaining control over their works. If you see yourself in any of the following categories, we're here to serve you:

Independent Musicians with Publishing Rights

  • Independent artists who own their publishing copyrights or have easy access to managing their rights.
  • Artists committed to collecting the entirety of their publishing royalties, whether performance, mechanical, or both, and looking for a partner to help facilitate this globally.

Artists Seeking Greater Independence

  • Artists currently under a label but exploring or transitioning to independently manage their publishing rights and global royalty collection.
  • Artists aiming to secure a fairer share of their entitled royalties from across the globe, stepping away from restrictive deals to embrace a partnership that offers transparency, efficiency, and a more favorable financial outcome.

Labels Looking to Outsource

  • Labels interested in outsourcing their artists' publishing administration to a trusted partner.
  • Labels seeking to streamline operations, reduce overhead cost while ensuring their artists benefit from expert global royalty collection services, freeing them to focus on their creative pursuits.

What We Offer

We specialize in the administration of mechanical and performance royalty collection on a global scale. Our partnership model is built on transparency, allowing our partners full insight into their earnings and the assurance that no royalty goes uncollected. Whether you're an independent artist managing your own rights, an artist transitioning away from traditional label constraints, or a label looking to optimize overhead cost and earnings, Intelligent Ownership Collective is your bridge to maximized earnings and simplified operations.

  • Comprehensive Royalty Collection: We handle both performance and mechanical royalties, ensuring your works are fully monetized across all global territories.
  • Flexible Royalty Management:
    • Performance Royalties: If you've got mechanical royalties covered but need expertise in collecting performance royalties, we can focus solely on maximizing these earnings for you.
    • Mechanical Royalties: Conversely, if your performance royalties are being managed but you're missing out on mechanical royalties, we're here to fill that gap.
  • Global Coverage with Tailored Focus: Our global reach does not come at the expense of specificity. Whether you have arrangements for one type of royalty, need specific territory-coverage, or seek to expand your global footprint without duplicating efforts in regions already under contract, we adapt our services to meet your unique situation. This ensures that you're not leaving money on the table, regardless of your current arrangements with music societies or publishers. Our goal is to complement and extend your existing coverage, filling in the gaps to ensure comprehensive global collection without overlap or redundancy.

Our Commitment

  • For Independent Artists: Retain control over your creations while we ensure your royalties are collected worldwide.
  • For Transitioning Artists: Navigate your journey towards greater independence with our expertise in global royalty collection, ensuring a smoother transition and maximized earnings.
  • For Labels: Partner with us to manage your artists' publishing rights with efficiency and expertise, ensuring they and you reap the full benefits of their global presence.

If your goal is to ensure every note of your music pays dividends, and every beat of your work is recognized and rewarded on the global stage, Intelligent Ownership Collective is your ideal partner. Let's unlock the full potential of your music together. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your global royalty earnings.

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